The Way of a Healer, by Peter Gill


Introduction by Lilla Bek. the book deals with “different aspects of healing , & the way that spiritual healing works in the lives of people . Healing means health, & health is wholeness. that word wholeness implies a number of separate parts coming together to make a complete whole. We are accustomed to the concept of body, mind & soul, & unless these different aspects of ourselves funtion together in harmony we have disharmony or dis-ease. If that condition of dis-ease is allowed to continue unchecked, ultimately we have disease or illness.Spiritual healing works at the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels of a person. Today we stand at the brink of the darkest age that could yet befall mankind, or with a change of consciousness, upon the edge of a new & wonderful dawn to herald in a golden age. What that age will be depends upon what we make of it now. the immediate need is for a concept which will intergrate us with the life of the solar system and, through the solar consciousness, link us with the life of the universe and the word of God. Our thinking must become much more expansive to embrace , not only humankind as we know it, but also the angel, elemental and nature kingdoms, and other realms not normaly percieved by our physical senses.” 107 pages MULTIPLE COPIES AVAILABLE. Books are new.

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